Archived — TPC Status Report - November 1, 2009

The Industrial Technologies Office (ITO) publishes a semi-annual status report to enhance transparency of its legacy program - Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC).

TPC provided repayable contributions for innovative research and development (R&D) projects contracted between 1996 and 2006.

TPC projects were long-term (up to 30 years) commencing with an R&D phase, followed by a benefits phase - the period in which a product, or a technology, could generate revenue for the company. In such cases, repayments would flow back to the program according to the terms and conditions of the company’s contribution agreement.

Nearly 26 percent of active projects are still in the R&D phase and repayments are not expected for a number of years. That being said, TPC repayments are in line with forecasts and are continuing to increase. The final TPC repayments are not expected until 2033.

TPC Program Highlights:

Total number of active projects: 234

R&D phase projects (repayments are not yet due): 61

Benefits phase projects (subject to repayments): 173

Total disbursements to date: $3.0 billion

Total cumulative repayments to date: $495.0 million

Total repayments collected in 2009-2010: $26.6 million

Years remaining until final TPC repayments are expected: 24

Explanatory notes:

Contribution Date: is the date that a company signed its contribution agreement. If a company has more than one project, the date indicated is the earliest contribution agreement signing date.

Company: is the name of the legal entity which currently has one or more TPC contribution agreements.

Authorized Assistance: represents the maximum amount contracted. As the R&D progresses and a project reaches its conclusion the final disbursed amount could be much lower. The total authorized assistance for all TPC projects is $3.5 billion.

Repayments: represents the information that a company has allowed ITO to disclose. Should a company have several contribution agreements its decision to disclose repayments may not extend to all TPC projects.

Indicates that repayments are not yet due on the company’s project(s).

Indicates that the company has not provided ITO with an authorization to disclose repayment information. Repayment details are protected under TPC agreements signed prior to August 2006.

Indicates that a company has multiple TPC projects - some may still be in the R&D phase with no repayments owing.

Company Authorized
Assistance ($)
Repayments ($)
07-Jan-04 333111 Ontario Limited 433,980130,194
17-Jul-97 Aar-Kel Moulds Ltd. 59,380 B
26-Mar-02 Aastra Technologies Limited 9,900,000446,780
26-Mar-04 Adacel Inc. * 5,588,900 A
18-Sep-02 Advanced Processing Inc. 367,335220,401
17-Nov-99 Advantech Satellite Networks Incorporated 2,000,000 B
08-Feb-03 AeroMechanical Services Ltd. 127,41557,337
28-Mar-03 Aero-Safe Technologies Inc. 664,472A
26-Mar-03 Aérospatiale Hemmingford Inc. 330,75070,525
15-Nov-99 Aeterna Zentaris Inc. * 29,423,802 A
11-Nov-98 Air Data Inc. 147,608B
21-Mar-97 Alcatel Networks Corporation962,362B
24-Mar-04 A-Line Precision Tool Ltd. 372,680B
05-Feb-02 AMI Semiconductor Canada Company 4,600,000 1,626,337
02-Sep-04 Apollo Microwaves Ltd. 753,600188,400
15-Nov-99 Aqua Bounty Canada Inc. 2,964,900 B
20-Feb-97 Aquarius Flight Inc. 50,870 B
30-Mar-04 ASCO Aerospace Canada Ltd. * 8,752,500 300,000
30-Sep-99 Atlantis Systems International Inc. (ASI) 1,235,800 B
28-Mar-02 ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. 25,499,732 B
29-Aug-97 Avcorp Industries Inc. * 8,912,215 3,718,578
01-Mar-04 Avior Integrated Products Inc. 818,028B
21-Jun-04 Axys Technologies Inc. 2,012,024 A
27-Mar-02 Azure Dynamics Inc. 9,000,000 A
29-Oct-97 Ballard Power Systems Inc. 29,359,998 10,147,062
30-Mar-98 Baultar Composite Inc. 446,479B
29-Jul-04 B-Con Engineering Inc. 900,000A
17-Nov-03 Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited * 116,020,000 B
17-Nov-99 Bellus Health Inc. 7,885,846 B
30-Mar-01 Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. * 17,200,000 A
20-Mar-97 Bombardier * 141,837,593 129,739,641
03-Feb-98 Bristol Aerospace Limited * 3,721,017 B
27-Mar-97 CAE Inc. * 300,581,758 51,169,827
24-Feb-04 Cajic Family Holdings Incorporated 446,44566,967
09-Dec-97 Cambrian Systems Corporation 2,287,500 B
24-Oct-06 Camoplast Inc. 1,727,000 A
20-Jan-03 Canadian Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd. 4,500,000 B
30-Mar-01 Cascade Data Services Inc. 77,214,319 B
05-Mar-01 CaseBank Technologies Inc. * 5,777,814 195,758
24-Mar-05 CellFor Inc. 9,800,000 A
30-Sep-03 Cloakware Corporation 4,636,280 B
27-Mar-97 CMC Electronics Inc. * 23,706,431 B
25-Mar-97 Com Dev Limited * 4,260,114 533,352
17-Mar-03 Composites Atlantic Limited 877,950B
21-Dec-01 Comtek Advanced Structures Ltd. 3,325,000 B
30-Jul-97 Convedia Corporation 1,089,740 B
07-Aug-01 Cormer Group Industries Inc. 998,000449,100
05-Feb-04 Cross and Associates Manufacturing Inc. 31,200 B
27-Mar-97 Crystalline Manufacturing Limited 1,469,675 B
26-Jul-02 CS Communication Et Systèmes Canada Inc. 93,880 46,940
31-Mar-04 Cyclone Manufacturing Inc. 892,800A
27-Mar-97 Cymat Technologies Ltd. 3,357,550 275,187
17-Oct-97 Daimler Buses North America Ltd. * 14,999,922 2,403,557
31-Jul-02 DALSA Corporation 2,738,069 B
26-Jul-04 Dominis Engineering Ltd. 428,73453,592
27-Mar-98 DRS Technologies Canada Company 897,600563,150
12-Dec-01 Dupont Canada Inc. 19,040,400 B
22-Sep-05 D-Wave Systems Inc. 9,512,000 A
01-Aug-97 DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation 8,235,795 A
22-Jun-04 E.T.M. Industries Inc. 192,400B
24-Feb-99 Eastern Power Limited 6,805,000 B
16-Dec-03 Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc. 2,408,000 B
31-Mar-03 Electrovaya Inc. 9,870,498 B
17-Jun-04 Elisen Technologies Inc. 218,800A
04-Jun-04 EMS Technologies Canada, Ltd. 4,622,032 601,541
28-Jul-97 Environmental Acoustics Systems Limited 101,397B
17-Oct-03 Exactatherm Limited 499,050A
14-Apr-04 ExelTech YQB Inc. 803,500A
27-Aug-04 ExelTech YUL Inc. (3682986 Canada Inc.) 675,000A
31-Mar-99 Expro Chemical Products Inc. 1,792,883B
31-Oct-97 Fare Logistics Corp. 393,942B
19-Mar-04 Ferrinov Inc. 1,868,230 A
18-Jan-02 Finition de Métal National N.M.F. (Canada) ltée [NMFC] 1,000,000 B
04-Sep-02 Firebird Semiconductors Ltd. 1,143,894 74,768
23-Mar-98 Formal Systems Inc. 495,288B
15-Oct-96 FPInnovations * 18,000,000 5,003,450
03-Jan-02 fSONA Communications Corporation 9,994,334 B
29-Mar-01 FuelMaker Corporation 2,960,309 B
26-Mar-98 Future Sea Technologies Inc. 3,000,000 B
15-Jul-02 Futuretek-Bathurst Tool Inc. 871,875A
30-Sep-97 Gallium Visual Systems Inc. 2,242,500 280,779
05-Mar-02 GasTOPS Ltd. * 2,070,700 A
22-Dec-97 GE Water & Process Technologies Canada * 19,677,000 B
27-Mar-97 General Dynamics Canada Ltd. 2,170,000 B
26-Mar-03 General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada Inc. 2,626,196 225,553
31-Mar-03 GMA Cover Corp. 4,758,750 1,858,439
23-Aug-99 Goodrich Aerospace Canada Ltd. * 59,183,500 B
29-Mar-01 Guigne Inc. 4,864,400 B
17-Nov-99 Haley Industries Limited 3,025,000 B
09-Jul-98 Harris Stratex Networks Canada ULC * 18,138,000 5,011,659
30-Mar-98 Héroux Devtek Inc. * 8,617,143 B
20-Dec-96 Honeywell ASCa Inc. * 112,573,528 14,231,713
21-May-04 Hyperion Technologies Inc. 1,000,000 B
31-Mar-99 IBM Canada Ltd. 33,000,000 B
31-Mar-00 ID Biomedical Corporation * 85,938,680 19,428,750
21-Mar-01 iFire Technology Ltd. 30,000,000 830,000
29-Sep-00 Indal Technologies Inc. * 5,771,142 B
26-Jun-97 Industrial Rubber Company Ltd. 476,000B
08-Dec-03 Infowave Software Inc. 6,196,075 B
17-Dec-01 INSTRUMAR Limited 6,580,000 147,826
27-Jul-04 Integran Technologies Inc. 3,427,200 A
30-Mar-01 Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. 2,999,414 B
21-Jan-05 Interfast Inc. 925,125115,641
30-Mar-98 International Water-Guard Industries Inc * 625,705337,989
09-Aug-02 Intrinsyc Software Inc. 6,371,351 B
25-Apr-97 Inventus Technology Inc 161,000B
13-Jan-99 Iogen Energy Corporation * 17,691,633 B
08-Aug-01 ITS Electronics Inc. 900,000B
16-Nov-99 Kiadis Pharma Canada Inc. 4,600,034 B
24-Mar-04 Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. 5,220,000 B
30-Mar-98 Larcan Inc. 5,227,053 918,362
31-Mar-04 LETAR Inc. 497,500A
16-Sep-96 Lex Technologies Inc. 750,000B
24-Mar-03 Likro Precision Ltd. 998,514299,554
22-Nov-06 Linamar Corporation 8,970,000 A
19-Dec-01 Lockheed Martin Canada Inc. 4,560,600 B
19-Mar-01 LPP Manufacturing Inc. 9,279,940 B
03-Dec-03 Luminex Molecular Diagnostics Inc. 7,300,000 802,940
04-Mar-04 Luxell Technologies Inc. * 2,042,552 B
31-Mar-98 MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. * 29,969,489 4,574,249
31-Mar-97 Magellan Aerospace Limited * 12,410,500 B
31-Mar-99 Magellan Aerospace Limited * 9,667,250 1,083,564
13-Feb-97 Maratek Environmental Inc. 482,92210,432
20-Oct-00 Mattson Technology Canada Inc. 8,336,507 B
25-Mar-03 McLeod Harvest Inc. 3,013,500 B
28-Oct-97 MDS Aero Support Corporation * 6,198,213 B
27-Mar-03 MDS-PRAD Technologies Corporation * 3,267,786 B
29-Oct-02 Mecachrome Montréal-Nord, Inc. 177,30066,488
26-Sep-97 Messier-Dowty Inc. * 73,240,009 B
22-Oct-97 Methylgene Inc. 4,770,000 A
31-Mar-04 MetroPhotonics Inc. 7,736,000 B
31-Mar-05 Migenix Inc. 9,265,620 A
30-Aug-04 Minicut International Inc. 596,417A
20-Dec-06 Mist Mobility Integrated Systems Technology Inc. (MMIS) 8,993,000 A
10-Oct-02 Mitel Networks Corporation 60,000,000 B
29-Jan-99 Mosaid Technologies Incorporated 6,220,000 2,980,253
07-Dec-05 Navistar Canada, Inc. 30,000,000 B
19-Mar-01 Neptec Design Group Ltd. 6,150,000 1,046,246
25-Apr-97 Newman Technologies Inc. * 1,294,670 B
27-Mar-03 NGRAIN (Canada) Corporation * 12,000,000 A
22-Jul-04 Noranco Inc. * 1,296,000 194,400
17-Oct-00 Norsat International Inc. 9,999,700 900,294
17-Nov-99 Northstar Aerospace (Canada) Inc. 1,432,832 B
31-Mar-98 Northstar Energy Corporation 1,300,000 B
27-Mar-03 Novatronics Inc. * 2,100,683 245,579
09-Nov-99 Nps Allelix Corp. 8,365,511 B
25-Jan-02 OceanWorks International Corporation 554,176B
15-Nov-99 Offshore Systems Ltd. * 7,768,568 B
31-Mar-04 OMNEX Control Systems ULC 7,500,000 873,446
21-Mar-01 Optech Incorporated 6,826,478 B
19-Mar-97 Oracle Corporation Canada Inc. 1,668,657 699,053
27-Mar-97 Orenda Recip Inc. 8,381,000 B
31-Mar-03 PCI Geomatics Group Inc. 5,563,240 254,904
31-Mar-05 Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd. 9,000,000 B
04-May-01 Petro-Canada 7,500,000 B
23-Jan-04 Pirlitor Machine & Tool Ltd. 145,82321,873
29-Mar-05 Plug Power Canada Inc. * 2,819,217 B
14-Mar-97 Powerlasers Limited. 1,230,569 677,016
06-Mar-97 Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. * 1,041,804,068 96,415,338
22-Sep-06 Premier Horticulture ltée 6,077,027 A
22-Sep-06 Premier Tech Chronos ltée / Systèmes Erin ltée 9,208,502 A
24-Jul-02 Premier Tech Technologies Ltée * 13,808,470 B
09-Mar-98 Presagis Canada Inc. * 4,464,000 31,974
19-May-99 PRO MAC Manufacturing Ltd. 160,0005,509
19-Jul-02 PyroGenesis Inc. 5,594,200 B
24-Oct-01 QNX Software Systems(Wavemakers), Inc. 4,418,283 56,944
31-Mar-05 Quantiam Technologies Inc. 3,576,300 A
31-Mar-99 QuestAir Technologies Inc. * 13,087,267 854,227
30-Mar-98 Raytheon Canada Limited * 12,682,210 4,042,165
03-Dec-01 Redline Communications Inc. 4,596,024 2,153,634
10-Jun-03 Reil Industrial Enterprises Limited 415,125A
27-Feb-98 Research In Motion Limited * 39,631,096 B
21-Sep-06 Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. 19,100,000 A
16-Jan-02 Rivait Machine Tools Inc. 766,485B
31-Mar-00 Rolls-Royce Canada Limited * 75,200,000 2,845,546
30-May-03 Sandvine Incorporated 9,500,000 2,635,689
15-May-97 Sanofi Pasteur Limited 60,000,000 B
03-Aug-98 SCC Environmental Inc. 491,552B
30-Mar-01 SemBioSys Genetics Inc 5,522,607 B
19-Oct-00 Sierra Wireless Inc * 14,558,544 13,500,000
17-Nov-99 SNC - Lavalin Energy Control Systems Inc. 8,715,900 1,470,350
08-Mar-99 Société d'Imagerie Electromed Inc. 499,995B
15-Jul-05 Soucy International Inc. 8,901,300 A
29-Mar-04 Spectral Diagnostics Inc. 3,900,000 A
28-Mar-03 St. John's Dockyard Limited 4,042,500 47,598
22-Oct-98 Stuart Energy Systems Corporation 7,243,748 A
24-Sep-01 Taylor-Corp. Inc. 860,000B
10-Nov-03 Technologies HumanWare Canada Inc. 3,937,500 A
12-Nov-99 Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation 9,329,912 A
27-Mar-97 Teleflex GFI Control Systems Inc. * 10,837,597 B
06-Dec-02 TFI Aerospace Corporation 460,300B
14-Nov-97 Thales Canada Inc. * 19,890,000 8,307,692
15-Nov-99 Thermo CRS Ltd. 1,120,761 B
05-Nov-01 TIR Systems Ltd 6,636,271 B
31-Mar-03 Transcore Link Logistics Inc. 5,250,000 154,553
29-Aug-01 Trojan Technologies * 4,719,811 3,680,461
26-Mar-97 Tundra Semiconductor Corporation * 7,396,000 B
31-Mar-03 Vale Inco Newfoundland & Labrador Limited 60,000,000 B
18-Dec-06 Valiant Corporation 6,071,693 A
27-Oct-02 Vanguard Aviation Corp. 117,580B
30-Mar-99 Vecima Networks Inc. * 14,599,616 B
16-Sep-05 Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services Inc. 3,520,200 A
12-Oct-01 Viking Air Limited 191,80057,540
03-Oct-05 Viron Therapeutics Inc. 4,938,825 B
03-Feb-98 Vistar Telecommunications Inc. 941,462B
18-Dec-06 ViXS Systems Inc. 9,152,880 A
24-Apr-97 Walbar Canada Inc. 976,031B
27-Mar-03 Westport Innovations Inc. 18,912,010 B
31-Mar-03 Wi-LAN Incorporated 8,754,648 B
02-Nov-01 World Heart Corporation 9,980,000 163,072
31-Mar-04 Xantrex Technology Inc. 7,200,000 A
13-Feb-04 Yotta Yotta Inc. 7,673,513 B
19-Sep-06 Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. 7,150,737 A
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