Archived — Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI) Repayment Status Report

May 1, 2014

The Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI) provides repayable contributions for innovative research and development (R&D) projects in the Canadian aerospace, defence, space and security industries. The Industrial Technologies Office (ITO) publishes a semi-annual status report on repayments to enhance transparency.

SADI projects are long-term, commencing with an R&D phase (typically 5 years), followed by a repayment phase (typically 15 years). Repayments are conditional or unconditional according to the terms of the company's contribution agreement.

SADI Program Highlights:

  • Total number of active projects: 29
  • Projects in the R&D phase (repayments are not yet due): 18
  • Projects in the repayment phase: 11
  • Total authorized assistance for all projects: $1.15 billion
  • Total disbursements to date: $719 million
  • Total cumulative repayments collected to date: $11.2 million

Please refer to the Explanatory Notes at the end of the following table for more information.

SADI Repayment Status Report
Company Authorized
Assistance ($)
Net Expenditures ($) Repayments ($)
A: indicates that repayments are not yet due on the company's project(s).
26-Jul-10 2154331 CANADA INC 18,570,000 5,518,889 0
25-Oct-10 ASCO Aerospace Canada Ltd. 7,688,288   A
21-Apr-14 Avcorp Industries Inc. 4,431,208   A
5-Aug-09 Axys Technologies Inc. 1,836,900   A
29-Jul-13 Axys Technologies Inc. 2,000,000   A
8-Oct-09 BelAir Networks Inc. 9,690,706 3,713,325 6,126,986
30-Mar-09 CAE Inc. 250,000,000   A
27-Feb-14 CAE Inc. 250,000,000   A
13-Jan-09 CMC Electronics Inc. 52,287,784 52,287,784 3,650,768
10-Jan-08 Diamond D-Jet Corporation(DDJ) 19,600,000 17,640,001 0
25-Aug-10 D-Ta Systems Inc. 1,790,140   A
3-Mar-09 EMS Technologies Canada, Ltd. 8,718,634 8,718,634 1,131,894
6-Dec-12 Engineering Services Inc. 778,800   A
22-Feb-11 FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. 1,967,507 1,967,507 A
28-Sep-12 GasTOPS Ltd. 1,275,700   A
2-Sep-08 Héroux-Devtek Inc. 26,964,430 26,964,430 A
21-Feb-13 Héroux-Devtek Inc. 48,957,693   A
27-Aug-08 Integran Technologies Inc. 4,596,000 4,596,000 A
24-Mar-10 Integran Technologies Inc. 276,284 276,284 A
24-Mar-10 Integran Technologies Inc. 807,399 807,399 A
15-Mar-12 Integran Technologies Inc. 399,386 399,386 A
23-Feb-10 Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. 4,968,000   A
1-Sep-08 Magellan Aerospace Limited 43,391,600   A
30-Oct-12 NGRAIN (Canada) Corporation 9,500,000   A
5-Sep-08 Norsat International Inc. 5,975,200 5,975,200 A
28-Mar-13 Norsat International Inc. 13,270,265   A
12-Aug-09 PCI Geomatics Enterprises Incorporated 7,665,000   A
10-Dec-10 Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. 300,000,000   A
27-Mar-09 SkyWave Mobile Communications Inc. 3,127,200 3,127,200 281,448
31-Mar-09 Sputtek Inc. 360,285 26,645 35,971
23-Dec-10 Thales Canada Inc. 12,988,800 10,065,174 A
30-Aug-13 Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. 8,231,222   A
22-Mar-11 Ultra Electronics TCS Inc. 32,447,400   A

Explanatory notes:

  • Contribution Date: is the date that a company signed its contribution agreement.
  • Company: is the name of the legal entity which currently has a SADI contribution agreement.
  • Authorized Assistance: represents the maximum amount contracted at the time of the initial contribution agreement. As the R&D progresses and a project reaches its conclusion the final disbursed amount could be lower.
  • Net Expenditures: represents the total amounts disbursed toward projects that have completed their R&D phase, net of any recoveries. Amounts are not provided until completion of the R&D phase to protect commercial confidentiality.
  • Repayments: The SADI program provides repayable contributions as opposed to grants or loans. Repayments are based on the recipient's gross business revenue or are unconditional, and usually begin one year after the completion of the SADI project's R&D phase. Repayment periods are normally 15 years after the completion of the project.
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