Research and Development (R&D) Programs

The Industrial Technologies Office (ITO) manages the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI). This initiative, launched in April 2007, supports private sector industrial research and pre-competitive development (R&D) in Canada's aerospace, defence, security and space (A&D) industries through repayable project contributions.

These repayable contributions encourage much-needed Canadian private sector investment in R&D.

Learn more about SADI to discover how Canada's world-leading A&D industries are benefiting Canadians through a deep-seated commitment to R&D.

To find out whether your company's project is eligible for repayable contributions and step-by-step guidelines to applying to the program, continue on to the Program Overview section. To find out how to fully complete an application, visit the Information for Applicants section.

R&D in Canada

Innovation is vital to improve productivity in today's knowledge-based economy. Vigorous competition, rapidly evolving technology, and the ease with which investment and knowledge move around the world make it essential for Canadian companies to be innovative.

Learn more about ITO's role in Canadian R&D.

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