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The Terms and Conditions of the h2EA program expired on March 31, 2008. No new projects will be contracted under the program.The following section summarizes the investments made during the operation of the program.

The TPC h2EA program invested in showcasing Canadian industry using and applying hydrogen technologies, encouraging industry leaders and competitors to work together to invent and innovate.

The program promoted the awareness and acceptance of these groundbreaking technologies through their installation and demonstration in transportation, residential, and commercial power generation applications. Practical applications for hydrogen technologies are being realized, bringing these technologies together, as well as providing a testing ground and establishing codes and standards to allow this innovative, promising industry to advance.

Through the funding of real-world applications for hydrogen technologies, the TPC h2EA program demonstrated to Canadians that our hydrogen industry is, and will remain, at the forefront of clean energy innovation.

Project Name Investment Consortium Participants
Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Shuttle Bus Demonstration Project $4.2 million Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited and Advanced Technologies and Fuels Canada Inc.
Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project $6.0 million Sacré-Davey Innovations Inc., Sacré Consultants Ltd., Westport Innovations Inc., Westport Research Inc.
Prince Edward Island Wind - Hydrogen Village Project

(Note: This project did not proceed. Hydrogenics Corporation and Prince Edward Island Energy agreed to discontinue their joint project. This effectively ended h2EA's involvement.)
$5.1 million Hydrogenics Corporation and Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation.
Hydrogen Solution for Utility Vehicles $4.2 million Hydrogenics Corporation, John Deere
Stationary Fuel Cells for Residential Heating and Power Generation $935,000 Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd., Ontario Power Generation Inc., and the University of Toronto at Mississauga
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