Archived—TPC Selection Criteria

Important Information

The terms and conditions of the Technology Partnerships Canada program expired on December 31, 2006.

No new projects will be contracted, but all existing contracted projects will continue, managed through the Industrial Technologies Office.

Investment outlines and proposals were assessed in the context of their relevance to the TPC objectives, namely the extent to which they demonstrated:

  • that the project contributed to the strategic objectives of the government, including technological and net economic benefits to Canada;
  • that the project was technologically feasible, and that the applicant possessed, or reasonably expected to secure, the requisite technological and managerial capabilities and financial resources to achieve the stated objectives of the project;
  • that a contribution under TPC was necessary to ensure that the project (either individually or as part of a portfolio of related activities of the applicant) proceeded with the desired scope, timing or location; and
  • that the contribution would be repaid.

TPC was administered in accordance with Canada's international agreements. The granting of assistance to enterprises that export was not precluded merely because they exported. Contributions were not, however, contingent, either in law or in fact, upon actual or anticipated export performance, and administering officials did not request or consider information concerning the extent to which applicant or recipient enterprises exported.

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