Shopping and sales practices

Online shopping

Adopting safe, informed online shopping practices.

Online group buying

Participating in online group buying transactions.


Things to consider when agreeing to a contract.


Learn about various types of warranties and considerations to make before you buy.

Reward and customer loyalty programs

Recognize the different types of reward and costumer loyalty programs and learn how to choose and manage them.

Retailer rebates

Receiving instant or mail-in rebates for products and services.

Gift cards

Learn about buying and using gift cards.

Refund and exchange

Explore links to contact for exchange or refund issues.

Rent-to-own plans

Review information about using rent-to-own plans and making complaint about them.

Door-to-door sales

Engaging in door-to-door sales practices and protecting yourself against scams.


Making financial decisions about what services and items you may have to pay for in the event of a funeral.

Misleading advertising

Recognizing and reporting misleading advertising.

Unfair or deceptive business practices

Recognizing and reporting an unfair or deceptive business practice.

Internet of Things (IOT) Checklist for Consumers

Take stock of the IOT devices you may already own, use or purchase using this checklist.

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